A Record Of Success In Criminal Appeals

A conviction on a criminal charge is not necessarily the end of the story. It may be possible to overturn the conviction, obtain a new trial or obtain relief on appeal. Such cases are not easy. Most, if not all, evidentiary facts have already been established, so compelling argumentation must be presented on points of law to achieve a positive outcome.

At Norgard, Norgard & Chastang, our attorneys will bring a fresh perspective to your case. Our firm handles all types of appellate court cases in both the state and federal courts. Contact us today for a free consultation about any criminal appeals matter: 863-354-0508.

More Than A Decade Of Appellate Law Experience

Andrea Norgard has extensive experience in all types of criminal appeals cases. Andrea served as an appellate lawyer in the public defender’s office for more than 10 years, where she handled hundreds of criminal appeals in Florida state courts.

In pursuing your appeal, our firm will thoroughly review all aspects of your case. We are prepared to mount appeals based on factors such as the sufficiency of evidence, errors made by judges, as well as other possible direct appeal issues.

A note to defense attorneys: it can be beneficial to begin preparing for an appeal during the trial. Our attorneys can advise you on steps you can take to protect the trial record in the event that your client wishes to mount an appeal. We welcome inquiries from attorneys and individuals throughout the state of Florida.

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