Standing Up For Your Rights

A Drug Crime Charge Can Put Your Future At Risk

Florida sees thousands of drug arrests every year. Prosecutors and law enforcement aggressively pursue suspects who may have committed a drug crime. Unfortunately, this means many people get caught for crimes like possession of drugs or paraphernalia. Regardless of the severity of your criminal drug charge, you need an experienced defense attorney to protect your rights.

At Norgard & Chastang in Bartow, our attorneys are Florida Bar board-certified in criminal trial law, a distinction that shows our deep commitment to fighting for our clients in various criminal cases. Florida takes drug crimes seriously. We can help develop a defense that fights for your most favorable outcome.

Finding The Right Defense Strategy To Protect Your Rights

Florida divides drugs into categories depending on the potential for abuse or dependency and any accepted medicinal uses. The severity of your punishment will depend on the schedule of drugs involved, the amount and the crime itself.

For example, schedule I drugs, including heroin, marijuana and LSD, carry the harshest penalties. Schedule II drugs include cocaine, methamphetamine and oxycodone. Selling, manufacturing or possessing with the intent to distribute any of these drugs can be charged as a third-degree felony and can lead to up to five years in prison and a large fine.

We can defend you against:

  • Possession of illegal drugs
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug manufacturing

Our attorneys at Norgard & Chastang will take the time to thoroughly review your case and the evidence against you. There are multiple defenses to drug crimes available that we will consider. Some common defense is to claim that the drugs belonged to someone else. Other defenses include asserting that law enforcement illegally searched for drugs and entrapment. Regardless of the facts and circumstances of your case, you can trust our attorneys to find an innovative strategy to defend your rights.

Get Started On Your Defense Today

We understand the impact a criminal conviction can have on your future. After paying fines and serving your sentence, you will have a permanent mark on your criminal record. The best way to protect yourself and your freedom is to work with an experienced drug crimes defense attorney. To schedule a free consultation at our Bartow office, call us at 863-354-0508 or complete our online contact form.