Standing Up For Your Rights

A Violent Crime Conviction Can Put Your Future At Stake

Violent crime charges are some of the most serious charges you can face in Florida. You need a defense attorney who will utilize innovative strategies to help protect your rights and preserve your freedom. At Norgard & Chastang, our criminal defense team has defended clients throughout central Florida against violent criminal charges for years.

Our Bartow attorneys are Florida Bar board-certified in criminal trial law, which shows our commitment to providing excellent legal representation to all our clients. From assault misdemeanors to first-degree murder, we will apply a vigorous and results-oriented approach to create a strong defense that keeps your best interests in mind. When you face harsh punishments and years behind bars, work with an attorney who will tirelessly fight for your freedom.

Innovative Defense Strategies That Keep Your Best Interests In Mind

Violent crimes refer to any criminal offenses that result in bodily harm or death of the victim. From simple assaults to murder, Florida takes these crimes very seriously. The penalties for a violent crime conviction vary depending on the severity of the offense and your criminal history. A first-degree misdemeanor can lead to up to one year in prison and a fine of up to $1,000. In serious felony cases like first-degree murder, you may face life in prison or the death penalty.

We can defend you against a variety of violent crimes, including:

At Norgard & Chastang, we will thoroughly examine your case to determine all possible defenses. Depending on the facts and circumstances of your arrest and the evidence against you, we will consider self-defense, lack of intent, police bias and any other appropriate defenses. Using our years of experience and immense knowledge of the criminal justice system, we will build a strong defense to help protect you.

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With the rest of your life at stake, you don’t have time to waste once you learn you are the target of a criminal investigation. If law enforcement arrests you, you must contact us as soon as possible so we can be there for you through every step of your case. To schedule a free consultation at our Bartow office, call us at 863-354-0508 or complete our online contact form.